Smart City Use Cases and Requirements

See the scenarios online:

Contact: Mirko Presser, Alexandra Institute (

The project had identified 101 smart city scenarios and related use cases in cooperation with partner cities and city cooperation (City Stakeholder Group) and derived a set of requirements for a smart city framework based on proposed use cases, references in the field and “on site” workshops together with city partners.

The requirements are encoded in an evaluation metric that has been made available online for the wider community to rank the 101 scenarios. To speed up the process of developing smart city application examples, the project partners already selected 10 scenarios for further evaluation by the other work packages and specifically WP6 for implementation.

We provide a method for evaluation of the scenarios based on five high level criteria each composed out of several specific criteria each encoding a requirement. The table below is the final metric for evaluation.


All of the scenarios are made available online ( and the above metric is available as an online questionnaire for the wider community to rank the scenarios. To speed up the process of down-selecting the scenarios to a more manage 21, the project has made an initial selection of 10 scenarios that will later be complemented by 11 additional top ranked scenarios. The table below shows the initial 10 selected scenarios.

The scenarios provide a representative, yet realistic challenge to the CityPulse project. The figure below provides the evaluation of the 10 scenarios based on the metric defined by the project. Through the encoded requirements in this evaluation the project is ensured to develop a representative approach to the implementation activities.



See the scenarios online: